On the farm, thanks to the experience of a cheesemaker from the Veneto huts, fresh and aged goat milk cheeses are produced, as well as goat yogurt and fresh ricotta.
Produced artisanally from raw milk, each batch has its own history and characteristics according to the season, the types of grasses found in the pastures, the hay and the alfalfa that the goats eat.

Fresh cheeses:

  • Fior di capra; a very soft curd that gives the sensation of tasting fresh milk, and keeps for a few days.
  • Robiola; soft curd and slightly sour creaminess, it is made in a basic form or with the addition of field herbs or hot peppers to enhance the flavour.
  • Formaggio primo sale; soft cheese of a week to ten days, with a delicate taste; it keeps for a month.

Aged cheeses:

  • Pressato di capra; cheese aged for about 60 days, made according to the traditions of the Asiago plateau.
  • Il Caora; cheese aged for about 3 months or more, with a drier consistency and an intense flavour in which all the scents of grazing herbs stand out; produced according to the traditions of malga cheeses.
  • Verde di capra; blue cheese with an intense taste, which keeps for a long time.